Welcome to Clogheen & Burncourt

The Parish of Clogheen & Burncourt is nestled between the two mountain ranges of South Tipperary, Galtees & Knockmealdown Mountains where the ever popular scenic drive to The Vee is much visited and appreciated by locals and visitors alike….the short journey ahead will take you to the Cistercian community at Mt. Melleray Monastery.

The Parish is well documented in history due to St. Cathal (Cataldo) of Shanrahan and Taranto, Italy, and the martyred Priest:

Fr. Nicholas Sheehy, (38 years of age), March 15th. 1766, buried in Shanrahan.

Tobar Iosa situated in Shanbally also bears the name of St. Malachy.
The parishioners of St. Mary’s and Assumption extend a warm welcome to the visitors who join us for worship throughout the year.

St. Mary’s Parish Church was opened for worship on 11th.September 1864.

Assumption Church Burncourt was opened in 1952

The Old Walls dating back to 1770 when the english establishment set up a military barracks in Clogheen are part of the church grounds.


Together we are stronger.


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Clogheen, Cahir
County Tipperary.
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