If you trust in the Lord and do good,
then you will live in the land and be secure.
If you find your delight in the Lord,
he will grant your heart’s desire.

Commit your life to the Lord,
trust in him and he will act,
so that your justice breaks forth like the light,
your cause like the noon-day sun.

The just man’s mouth utters wisdom
and his lips speak what is right;
the law of his God is in his heart,
his steps shall be saved from stumbling.

Psalm 36: 3-6. 30-31
Why Pray?

We pray to see life as it is, to understand it, and to make it better than it was.
We pray so that reality can break into our souls and give us back our life.
We pray to understand things as they are, not to ignore and avoid and deny them.
~ Joan Chittister, Wisdom


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Clogheen, Cahir
County Tipperary.