Commitment ceremony for candidates will take place during Sunday’s Holy Mass on . …. This begins the journey of our parish community on a very special journey of Faith for our candidates for Confirmation 2016

Every weekend Mass from now on will be the greatest support in embracing the spirit of Jesus for this sacrament of Adolescence.

Parents are requested to recognise the importance of time spent reflecting with your child on the meaning of this great sacrament. School can only do so much. It’s best efforts can only be aided by the Catholic Culture of the child’s family and home.

Our Candidates from Burncourt N.S. for Confirmation :

Our Candidates From St. Mary’s N.S. Clogheen for Confirmation :

The parish will prepare children for their First Holy Communion in May 2016
Burncourt NS: Sunday, 22 May, 2016 @ 11am
Clogheen NS: Sunday, 29 May, 2016 @ 11am

During this Year 2016 of 250th Anniversary of Fr. Nicholas Sheehy and Year of Mercy
Both Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation will be celebrated.
The family who prays together – stays together.

Involvement of the parents for the child’s First Holy Communion and Confirmation is vital. Strong faith roots are developed at home and nurtured in the family.

The school and the parish support your efforts. What is now very necessary is the experience of prayer and more understanding of Holy Mass which comes from regular weekly attendance. Coming to Holy Mass gives a deep and grounded understanding of what is happening. Actions speak louder than words.

Because God is Faithful, He can be trusted fully to completely carry out His commitments to us in Christ.

We welcome the commitment of the children and the support of their families at this special time of further initiation into the Catholic faith.

From Burncourt NS:

From St. Mary’s NS, Clogheen : 

*** First Holy Communion is a wonderful time in each child’s life because it is the first sacrament they receive (after Confession), with full consent of their will; to bind themselves to God, to participate in the life of the Church and to prepare to live a truly Catholic life.

1st Penance will be celebrated in Assumption Church, Burncourt
for both schools in February, 2016

We congratulate the children , their parents and teachers for all their input in the months of preparation.

The parish rejoices in our new communicants.

Marriage Requirements….Civil and Church

It is the ultimate responsibilty of the couple to make all necessary preparations regarding the civil aspect of their marriage.
The following are helpful guidelines that need to be put in place in order for a church wedding to be registered with the State.

* Make an appointment – give notice.

* After Church Wedding date is confirmed, make contact with local Registration Office to make an appointment to meet the Registrar and give marriage notification.

* Three months minimum is required but it’s better to be ahead of that time limit in order to faciliate appointments with a busy Registrar.
* Fee and Documents to bring with you to the Registrar:
* Passport or Driving License as ID
* If either party is divorced, original final decrees in respect of all previous divorces.

* If widowed, death certificate of the previous spouse and the civil marriage certificate for their first marriage.

* PPS Numbers , whether either or both parties have one.

* Fee of €200.00

The following information will need to be provided for the Registrar:
* Date of intended Marriage.
* A Civil or Religious Ceremony.
* Names and Dates of Birth of Witnesses.
* Name and Address of the Solemniser(celebrant) and venue.

It is most helpful to remember to bring all necessary documents to the first appointment with the Registrar as it may prevent having to return for another appointment.

A declaration of No Impediment will have to be declared by the couple when with the registrar. This states that they are not aware of any lawful impediment to the proposed marriage.

Marriage Registration Form ( MRF )
This is a most important document and will be issued by the Registrar, provided that the couple are free to marry.
It gives the civil authorisation for the marriage to proceed.
All couples in Ireland must have this form ( MRF) for the marriage to proceed and for their marriage to be legally registered in civil law afterwards.
The MRF should be given to the Priest before the date of marriage.
It will be returned to the couple after the wedding and it is the responsibility of the couple to return it to the Registrar’s office.

Family Law Act 1995
The minimum age for which a person resident in Ireland may contract a legal marriage is Eighteen Years.

More details from this link

Also more State info :

For all aspects of a Church Wedding:


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Clogheen, Cahir
County Tipperary.